Minimal Consent

A Browser Extension that makes cookie banners a thing of the past.

Privacy First

Minimal Consent is rejecting 3rd party tracking for you.

Seamless Browsing

No more annoying popups or cookie banners – We answer them for you!

For Chrome and Firefox

Minimal Consent is available for Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Opera.

Privacy First

Minimal Consent is rejecting all 3rd party tracking so your data stays private. Only strictly necessary cookies to help make the website work are accepted.

Seamless Browsing

Cookie banners are shown on all websites nowadays. They give users the power to decide what private data can and cannot be tracked by website providers and 3rd party. However the banners are annoying and it is often difficult to select the right option. Mininmal Consent is answering the banner for you so you can surf the web seamlessly.

For Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge

Use your preferred browser - Minimal Consent is available for Firefox and Chrome. You can download the extensions easily and quickly: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera